Radiant Capital - Smart Equity for Exceptional Companies

Our Mission is to Support Growing Businesses:

At Radiant, we believe that business success in a complex world takes even more than a good idea and hard work. Success requires breadth of skills and depth of experience, backed up by the ability to make a significant investment in growth and innovation. We consider growth management to be a core competence and not a transitional skill.

We Target Exceptional Companies;

The focus of our current fund is growth capital investments with a strong Indian connection – either Indian companies, or companies based outside India which will gain from anchoring part of their business there. We specialise in cross-border investments between Europe and India.

We identify companies with a track record of growth and profitability which could better fulfil their potential by expanding their geographic reach or product/service range. We actively assist these companies in evaluating their position and future expansion strategies; help them recruit senior managers, and access new markets and technologies.